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Ideal for busy people, lunch breaks from work (or before/end of work), this 30-minute stress relieving, relaxation meditation session is the ideal antidote to a busy stressful life. Tailored in advance by phone consultation.

Fee: £30
Duration: 30 minutes


Your first Mizan session includes a comprehensive consultation, the massage, teaching of the self-massage, and chance to look at options to support your current situation (whether it is for fertility, enhancement, heavy painful period issues, anovulation, prolapse, menopausal symptoms, endo, fibroids or cysts etc)
The frequency/duration of treatments is very individual and will be discussed at the time of the first consultation/massage.

Allow up to 3 hours for the 1st appointment - £95
*Subsequent sessions are £65 unless part of a package.
*Package discounts for appointments booked in advance.


EFT (Tapping) is one of the best therapies I have ever found for relieving the cause of symptoms. 
Western medicine has yet to find a pill for helping heal emotional causes. EFT is fantastic.
You don't even need to know how it works to be able to make the biggest of shifts.
Amazing for releasing blockages, fears, anxieties, limiting beliefs, to ease physical pains and emotional discomfort.

Fee: £65
Duration: 1 hour 15 min



Using a combination of Hypnotherapy, NLP & lots of EFT whilst you debrief your birth. The aim is to relieve you of the residual trauma symptoms, painlessly. Allowing you to move forward.

It doesn't matter if the birth was a month ago, or 16 years ago, the trauma can be eased.
Obviously, we cannot change what happened, but we can change the painful emotional charge that you feel when you remember the experience.

Fee: £65
Duration: 1 hour 30 min


Mizan is a woman's reproductive massage, and is a beautiful way to add some great self-care into your pregnancy. Focusing on your abdomen, sacral, solar plexus, lower back and lymphatic drainage.A Mizan pregnancy massage is just as much about the emotional and spiritual as it is the physical.2nd trimester onwards, unless we have been working through fertility Mizan beforehand.

Fee: £45 - £65
Duration: 1 hour 30 min first session
1 hour 15 min subsequent


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