Services no particular order!


For the feet, mostly! Even for the foot haters and the ticklish, a good reflexologist bypasses all that, and works wonders with your whole by working on the feet. Who'd have thought!


Please know that you aren't alone, and that there is something that we can do to help relieve you of the unwanted emotions after a challenging birth experience.


This involves lying on a massage bed, snuggled under a blanket, and a chance to lie back and relax for a change, all the while - something pretty epic occurs as the sound frequencies do their thing.



Who'd have though using your fingers to tap on your face would do such wonders things to improve life, even for the sceptics. Try it on anything and everything.


The postnatal phase is messy, chaotic and a lot unknown, but it is such a wise idea to do some PostPartum Prep work. A mix of practical work, and guided relaxations/hypnosis to prepare you for life with an unpredictable small person.


The thing that does stuff, that no-one really knows how, but makes everyone feel great.


Like the feet thang, but on the ears... super accessible, super efficient.


Goes well with the Auricular Reflex... or as a stand alone treatment.


Go forth and give birth with fewer fears, concerns and more confidence in yourself. 


Gong Bath (groups)

Completely dressed and no water, promise. 


Fertility Hypnotherapy

The mind controls the body, and we frequently seem to forget that we control the mind. Some come for this to help prepare the body, some come for this to help prepare the mind, some for the emotions and calmness.


Yoga Nidra (groups)

No movement needed. This deeply relaxing and rejuvenating meditation stylee session is sooo nice.


Clinical Hypnotherapy

Again, the mind is just epic, and a tool to really make the most of.


Postnatal Preparation Sessions

They say "we don't know what we don't know." Well, after 6 babies and 15 years in the field, Jay does. Working together to feel prepared and ready to bring home a small person. 


Postnatal Doula Support

Who doesn't want someone to do whatever you need in the moment that you need it, whether it is hold the baby whilst you shower or rest, or entertain older kids, or pick up washing from the hallway floor... whatever you need.

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